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Aberdeen University

I have never had any doubts about going abroad to study as it was something I have always wanted to do. This has also strongly influenced my choice of subjects in university. As a Double-Major student of English Studies and Music / Sound Studies at Bonn University and having worked for the International Beethovenfests Bonn, a year abroad in an English speaking country is quite obviously not only an ideal way to improve my language and communication skills, but also to gain personal experiences. Studying at another university and in another country for a year offers many new perspectives and I look forward to becoming acquainted with different approaches to my studies of English and the possibility of comparing the foreign culture with the German culture. I am certain the opportunity would further my personal development to a great degree.

In the long run, I aspire to do a job within the increasingly internationalized cultural sector in Europe, preferably in a theatre, a classical music festival or in orchestra management. During my time at the Beethovenfest, I realized that my own career development in this sector wouldn’t only be based on commercial and economic studies but rather on expertise in language, experience of different cultures, abilities such as critical reading and impressive skills in debating and negotiation. Intercultural competence and attaining an outstanding level of written and spoken English would be my goal for this year of studies abroad and also for my further studies in Bonn.


In February 2015, I have received the message that I had been accepted for my first choice: Aberdeen University, Scotland!

Founded in 1495, the University of Aberdeen is not only one of the UK’s most internationally distinguished universities but also one of the very few having a bilateral agreement for the Erasmus programme with Bonn that also offers English combined with Music Studies. The Music Studies staff at Aberdeen include world renowned composers and musicologists.


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Tobias Patrick Wolf

I am a student of Musicology, Sound Studies and English at Bonn University in Germany and I will study at Aberdeen University, Scotland for a year.