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My motivation to study abroad is mostly based on the circumstance, that I have always been interested in foreign countries, the respective languages as well as the local culture. As I am currently studying not only English Studies but also musicology, I know that music is an important part of every culture. Therefor I am not only interested in learning the language but also learning more about foreign music traditions. Although I am currently not studying for a teachers degree, I do want to give lessons about English language and culture as well as classes about music, making other people aware of another culture and how people live in other parts of the world. Besides changed my studying programme and going on with a teachers degree after my Bachelor degree, I could imagine to set up kind of „café of cultures“ as a place where everyone can learn more about other cultures, taste local beverage and take lessons in terms of music, language or other cultural devices.

To teach others in iusses of a language or a culture, a teacher should know more than the plain grammar out of a text book in my opinion. During my studies at Bonn university, I am learning a lot from those books, and it is absolutely necessary to know these rules in order to be able to speak a language in a proper way. Of course, the theoretical part is one way to acquire a certain level of skills in a language, but one can gain much more language acquisition from practicing it on a daily basis and being forced to use the language while talking to native speakers.

When I left school, I thought my English skills were decent enough, but at university I got to know that there is still a lot to learn about the specialties of the language and even more about the culture. For this reason I do not want to become an English teacher without having spent a certain amount of time amongst native speakers in their own country surrounded by their culture and society. I am sure being in a country where English is the native language is way more effective than watching movies, reading books and doing grammar exercises in order to learn and improve language skills.

Furthermore this experience is not just helpful for teaching in the future but will also be very useful for my future studies. This is a reason why I would prefer to study abroad rather sooner than later during my studies.

The experience of everyday life and the use of music in their culture might enable me to understand a culture even on an additional level besides the language and habits. Therefore I would like to choose a university where I can study both English and musicology.

Maynooth, a little city near Dublin, is really a university city due to so many students living there. Therefor I can focus on my studies and hopefully get to know the traditional Irish culture and their nice capital Dublin. Ireland is said to be very green and to have an incredible landscape. I am really looking forward to explore that country with its tiny villages and gorgeous views.

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Anna-Lena Oehmann

I am studying Musicology and British Literature at Bonn University in Germany and will spend my year abroad at Maynooth University near Dublin.