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You might be aware of the fact that in 2004 the 13th Protocol to the European Convention on Human Rights became binding on the United Kingdom, prohibiting the restoration of the death penalty for as long as the UK is a party to the Convention. Nevertheless, the use of taps in UK equals a capital punishment: you either burn or freeze to death whenever you use it. Why the hell are there two separate taps for hot and cold?

They say, during a visit to Russia in the Second World War, Winston Churchill discovered this marvel of modern technology: hot and cold water flowing from the same faucet. Instead of filling up the sink to achieve the right water temperature, he could just wash his hands with the exact temperature he desired. And this is how it should be and how it is in Germany or even all over the world – unlike the primitive standard of separate taps in Britain still today.

After talking to my British flatmates and confronting them with this, I have no reasonable doubt that they do not understand why foreigners raise a fuss over this issue whatsoever. They are quite happy to wash their hands with ice-cold water. Perhaps there is something Puritanical about the British that they tend to steer clear of modern luxuries.

I wonder if this is the same in Buckingham Palace?
Then, God Save the Queen.


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