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As my blog colleague Cornelius in Valencia already realised, everyday can be quite challenging. Essays to write, studying for exams as well as preparation for concerts during christmas time, not to forget all the christmas presents and so on and so on… due to all that work that my blogs are getting shorter (only one language left) and less often. Still here is a new one, so I hope you enjoy :)

First of all, here is a quick explanation of the title for everybody who doesn’t know the Cologne dialect.. “op jück” means to be on the road or to travel :)

November 28-29: Scotland, Aberdeen … concert, fun and friends

The last week in November including all the work I already mentioned was quite exhausting but I was looking forward to a really nice outcome of the week: visiting Tobi in Aberdeen! :)
So I left Maynooth and all my work early Saturday morning, to catch my plane to Aberdeen. It was still dark at 6am, but I was quite excited and started in one of my longest and most remembered days since I’m abroad.

A little plane for a short flight

A little plane for a short flight

When I got to the airport I still had an hour left until the boarding so I started working again. Finally the gate opened and I took another bus to my little plane which brought me to Aberdeen. A small little airport over there with only 12 gates and mostly little planes arriving and leaving, still really busy.

When we flew over the Scotland I had a great view on the Scottish highlands, the sun was shining and it looked pretty nice. Hopefully I have some time to go there next year. Finally in Aberdeen Tobi and I managed to meet in the city and take another bus to his place on campus.

Well, I won’t tell you that much about Aberdeen itself because Tobi already did in his article and he knows much more as he’s studying there and I had basically just 24 hours to get a first impression. The campus is quite nice and I really enjoyed walking through the park and along all the old and new university buildings. Some of pictures capture the view quite nicely.


151129-Aberdeen-9 151129-Aberdeen-12

the library building at Aberdeen university (almost famous already due to the pictures on here)

the library building at Aberdeen university (almost famous already due to the pictures on here 😉 )

Down in the city, it was time to rehearse for the concert. The concert of the Aberdeen University Concert Band was the actual reason, aside from visiting Tobi, to book the flights. During their practice and soundcheck I started to get really tired because I was already awake for some time with little sleep beforehand as well. The church they played in, St Andrews Cathedral, was actually quite lovely as well.

The final concert in the evening was a huge success after all. The sound in the church of almost 90 musicians playing their programme “Around the world in 80 minutes” was great. Some awesome soloists and the variety of styles created many different atmospheres within the concert. As it was there final concert for the term, people wanted to celebrate afterwards and after some food we met them at a bar/ club downtown for a few drinks. I still struggled staying awake but in the end it was a fun night and I enjoyed it pretty much! 😀

Sleeping in late the next morning after being awake for about 22 hours, there was just enough time to get back to the airport and to Dublin.

Thank you for an awesome time in Aberdeen! It was a pleasure meeting you all and I hopefully will be back for a weekend next year.

December 2 – 5: Germany … family and friends at home

Only three days after Aberdeen, I left again in the middle of lectures and finals and everything because of my sister’s wedding and finally meeting my nephew Jonah Navid. That’s been the best reason ever, to go back home to Germany 😉

To keep it short and simple: I had three wonderful days with friends and family in Hürth, Bonn and the Rhineland in general. There was no time of arriving, just being there and enjoying my time. I already met my sister and her family Wednesday evening shortly after flying in to Cologne-Bonn airport. For sure, I also saw my grandma, my parents and my brother :)

Thursday was mostly about friends. Lunch in Bonn with one of my best friends and meeting some of my former flatmates. As people didn’t know that I was coming, some were quite surprised to see me already again. It was such a funny, sunny and great day 😀 the family goose dinner that day was a good finish as well.

December 4: my sister’s wedding

And Friday finally, it was wedding time. Another awesome day, with only close friends and family of my sister and her husband to celebrate their marriage. For details, just ask 😉 and till then enjoy the pictures.

I am already looking forward to next weekend when Tobi is coming to Dublin as well as I am excited about christmas and seeing some more of my friends then. Still it’s really sad that sooo many international Maynoothians are leaving already for good then. :/ I made some good friends and it’s hard to get that time is flying that fast… I will miss you!

I have five more months to go in Ireland after christmas and I hope they will be as exciting as my past three months here. :) I hope to write some more blogs before christmas, just to cover everything before the new year starts off, so have a look every now and then and see you around!

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