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Dear reader of this blog,
hello friends and family, hello world..

first of all, I’d like to wish all of you very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up all the great friendships you made and just keep on doing what makes you happy. Be well, stay as you are and never stop living your dreams 😀 Best of luck for every single one of you! <3

Now, some minor and major details about my last two weeks in Maynooth before the Christmas break… as it is typical for Christmas time, they were full of music, friends, last lectures and christmas preparations.. so quite busy.

7th – 13th December: preparation and party

The week started with my last Orchestra rehearsal for the current year and dinner with some good friends. Unfortunately some of us only realised now, that we spent way too less time together during the last months and they are already leaving for Christmas without returning afterwards. Therefore we enjoyed the dinner even more and met up several times more during the next days. During this week, just after the wedding of my sister, I also started writing Christmas cards for my friends. My desk was the place to be, to chose the right picture for everybody, find quotes, prepare my listening exam and the presentations…

Wednesday night, I went to the concert of the Gospel Choir to have a little break and on Thursday I was lucky to borrow a bike from the local bikeshop. As they are still trying to fix my gear they offered me to borrow a bike and made my day. I was sooo happy to cycle again! You just realise how much you miss some things when they’re gone for a little while.

After the listening test and all the preparation, I hosted a great christmas party at my place with all the international and Irish friends I made during the last months. Some shopping in the morning, baking and decorating in the afternoon and final preparation with Mona, Johanna and Corina. Thanks to you and especially to Renee and the whole family for having me at their place and allowing me to have the little party there as well. :)

Finally all the people came along and brought tons of food, presents for our yankee swap and happy faces 😀 Thanks to Etáin, most of the people got a lift to my place :) As you can see on the pictures we had lots of fun, plenty of food and just a good craic that night!
For the yankee swap everybody brought one gift and the dice decided who got which one in the end. Exchaging back and forth it took a while until everyone had a present but due to some improvisation before we had enough gifts for everyone. Here are some pictures of all the lovely people:

14th – 18th December: concerts and farewell

After a surprisingly peaceful weekend and another 21st birthday Sunday night, with some Jameson and some Guinness the last week started off with a phenomenon called “Christmas Day”. In Maynooth, on-campus as well as off-campus, there are parties everywhere, the Student Union has a big party at their bar and starts the day with a run across campus. Everybody wears a Christmas jumper and even though people are everywhere, the library is somehow pretty empty.

Unfortunately I missed the party at the SU bar due to some concert rehearsals but I had a wonderful Christmas lunch at Pugin Hall with Mona and Juulke :) We enjoyed a three course meal with soup, meat, stuffing, mashed potatoes and Christmas pudding for dessert. There were Christmas crackers on every table and Santa Clause brought some sweets as well.
Pugin Hall is always worth a visit and even more with all the Christmas decoration.

Afterwards I had another rehearsal for the Carol Services at St Patricks Chapel Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night. The Choral Society and three more choirs accompanied by an aewsome brass ensemble and organ delivered an almost two hour lasting service in the beautiful church. We sang typical British carols, Latin songs, listened to some readings and even included the Irish language and traditions.

Each night had a different atmosphere and I was quite happy to have some really good friends listening Tuesday night. Afterwards we had some dinner and said again goodbye to some of the friends leaving early already. Wednesday night was just for invited guests – even the American and the British ambassador came. It’s been a great pleasure and an honour to sing with all those awesome musicians, thank you for this opportunity!

Thursday was my final day in Maynooth before Christmas, as I was leaving Friday morning already. I had a last lecture in the morning, packed my stuff and brought my bike back to the bikeshop. In the afternoon I went to Dublin to watch the new Star Wars with some friends. I met two of them on the train already, but in the end I was the only one on time, three were only a few minutes late but another one had to wait for the next show an hour later.

Luckily we had already planned to have another dinner night in Maynooth that evening so we finally met on campus again. I made some Pasta Carbonara for Sarah, Dylan, Marc, Jacksonand me and Etáin, Ang, Nicole and Lindsey joined us for Cards against Humanity afterwards. It’s been a great day and really sad to say goodbye or at least farewell (as Katie said) to all those awesome people!

It’s been such a wonderful term with you in Maynooth, I love you sooo much and it’ll be strange to come back in January knowing I can’t stop by at Dylan’s and Sarah’s or Ang’s place anymore.. hope to see you again soon! <3
BUT, there are also lots of people coming back or staying, so it won’t be too lonely I hope! I wish you all a safe trip home! <3

Maynooth Family-byKatie

the international family – love you soo much! <3 (I already left the day before :( ; Copyright: Katie)

The picture above is from their last dinner Friday night when I was already back in Germany, that’s why I’m missing in the picture. 😉

So, this is my final post this year… I’m home in Germany now, still preparing Christmas eve and enjoying time with friends and family over here. 😀 For New Years Eve I will already be back in Ireland with my friend Bernadette – already looking forward to this! In January you will read more about German Christmas traditions and stories I missed in my blogs this year…

That’s it for now – so eat a little too much, drink a little too much and sleep a little too long and don’t work too hard during the next weeks – just enjoy your life and you’ll be grand!

Love you all <3

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