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Hello my dear readers,

and welcome back to another article about my time in Ireland :)

Wednesday, 23rd March

Just before Easter in March, my family – my parents, my brother Johannes and his girlfriend Viki, came to Ireland to visit me for some days. We had five days, a car for the first two and airbnbs booked ahead. So off we went, after changing the manual car in favour of an automatic one, straight from Dublin to Galway.

The weather was decent for Irish terms and finally dry when arrived at the West coast. My third time in this lovely city at the Atlantic coast, we walked around a little bit and still found many decorations from St Partick’s Day the week before. They liked the little city with its cute, old houses and small streets. The day ended in an Irish pub – Monroe’s for everyone who knows the place – and we enjoyed some Irish food and drinks.

Thursday, 24th March

The next day included some more driving along the West coast. Through some dusty, rainy weather we made our way on the ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ down South first to the Cliffs of Moher and then further across the Shannon and finally to Dingle.

The Cliffs were quite impressive and a really nice scenery. It’s actually been really nice to drive around so much because we noticed the change in landscape and style of architecture as well as many cultural and geographical things you realise when you compare two countries carefully. This much more about details rather than big major things since Ireland and Germany are both European countries, same currency, having industry and similar social systems. Nevertheless, living on an island is always different than living on the main land – in Ireland ways are much shorter due to the small size of the country. But since many roads are pretty small and there are not as many highways as in Germany, travelling still takes a while.

At night, we had a great dinner on the Dingle Peninsula in a nice restaurant at the beach there. We just managed to see the beautiful sunset and I was very excited about being at a real beach in Ireland. I actually thought, Ireland doesn’t have anything like this – and I’m really happy, you proofed me wrong, Ireland 😀

Friday, 25th March

Our final stop that day was Dublin but before we wanted to explore some more of Dingle and Kerry. So in the morning we drove to the actual little town Dingle, its harbour and little streets as well as a nice farmer’s market. A nice and welcoming place where you can find cute, little shops and a very different atmosphere than in Dublin or Galway. Even though the area is very well-known among tourist and probably pretty crowded in the summer, the shops and streets still look not as designed and covered in touristee places like in other areas in the country.

Before finally heading to Dublin, we also went to Killarney and had lunch there. This small city on the edge of the Ring of Kerry is more touristee again but still worth a visit. The whole area in Kerry is quite nice for some relaxing days away from everyday life.

The way back to Dublin took us quite long and after a while my parents got a little bit exhausted from driving on the left side as well. We still made it and were glad when we handed the car back again.

Saturday and Sunday, 26-27th March

Back on the East coast of Ireland, it’s been time to show my family the actual area I’m living in for the year – and another place I call home by now. After a great, big breakfast on Saturday morning at Queen of Tarts, I took them on a nice walking tour through the very walkable city centre of Dublin.

All the main spots around the college, Stephen’s Green, Temple Bar, Grafton Street… finally we split up for a while and Johannes, Viki and me randomly ran into a whiskey shop. I planned on buying myself a bottle as a souvenir at some point but it’s only been March. Well, in the end, I found something nice and thought, why not – my brother and Viki got some souvenirs as well – and afterwards we all walked back to our apartment.

Sundays, we all took the train to Maynooth and even though the weather wasn’t that good anymore I showed them around town and on campus as well as the place I’m living at. My Irish family (who are originally from South African) here also made some really delicious South African pastry and we all enjoyed a nice afternoon together.

Here are now some pictures to enjoy…


My family’s flight back to Germany was the next day, so I stayed in Maynooth already. It was really great having them here and showing them around – always nice to share such an experience with family and friends from back home. :) Well, I love writing this blog and sharing all of that with you here but it makes a huge difference when you’re actually here and see the places I’m talking about for real. So if you ever get a chance to visit Ireland, don’t hesitate, just book the flights and enjoy this amazing country in all its varieties 😀

Thanks for coming, Mom, Dad, Johannes and Viki – see you soon in Germany!!

Thanks for reading to you all, hopefully see you soon as well and take care, Anna. xx

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