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To reduce the number of blogs, I will summarise some events and moments of my experience according to their topics. This article will cover my musical experience throughout the second semester in Maynooth. 

My schedule in Ireland included many different events and activities, one of the main aspects that shaped my whole year in Maynooth was music. I’ve been a musician all my life basically but I think it has barely made more of a difference than during my time in Ireland.

My time with MUO

In September I started of with being part of the Choral Society and the MU Orchestra. I already mentioned the Carol Services just before christmas in an earlier article – some really nice concerts. The orchestra, however, was only rehearsing for the end of year concert in April.

In general, MUO was my first time in an orchestra and it was an exciting experience which I liked it a lot and I’m still trying to find a new orchestra back in Germany now. The concert itself was a nice day in April with great people and we played a nice programme including some seperate section for wind and strings.

Due to exams, recitals and many other things it took us another month to finally arrange a little MUO party to finish of our year. In the end it worked out and was another lovely evening with loads of food (thanks to Marie) and many great musicians. All the best to all of you with further studies and many years of MUO to follow! :)

County Kildare Orchestra

From February onwards I joined a second orchestra, the County Kildare Orchestra. We had the honour of rehearsing and playing our concert at the Castletown House in Celbridge.

The programme there included some traditional Irish music, as well as some pieces’ premiere just composed for the celebrations of the 1916 Easter Rising. Furthermore we played Symphony No 2 by Alexander Borodin.

I’ve had amazing opportunities in terms of music in Ireland and I appreciate this even more being back in Germany where it is much harder to become part of an orchestra or enter the musicians community. Thanks to everybody involved for the great time and see you again.


Next time: some more travelling through Ireland – castles, beaches and more.

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