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A long night in Cork.

Friday, 20th May

It’s exam time in Maynooth, the first ones are already done but everyone of us has at least one more left… well, anyways, time to travel again. There are just so many days left so we take on every chance to get to see some more of Ireland and make the most of our time here.

Friday afternoon, Nicole, Tess and me take the train from Dublin to Cork – and well, as the days before already, it doesn’t stop raining not even a minute. Since we are in Ireland, we put our things in the hostel and walk around the city anyways. First stop is the city centre and a short visit of the English Market. I already heard of it before, many people recommended it so, I’m quite curious what it’s like. The building is really nice and we all enjoy wandering through all the good, fresh food – looks yummy! It’s expensive as well though, so we decide to come back the next day for breakfast maybe – to save us spending too much money.

Afterwards, we’re walking along the rivers, sneak into an old book shop with many international literature as well. Then, we finally enter the campus of the University College Cork. Such a beautiful place, more like a park with buildings in between. The clouds and the rain hide the beauty a little bit but you can imagine how great it must be during the summer 😉

Back in the city, we decide on an early dinner due to the weather and visit the good fish restaurant again, that I know from my stay in Cork the week before. It’s so fresh and delicious again – that’s nothing to take for granted. 😀

The cultural programme for that Friday night is not as rich as it is on other weekends so we actually ended up, going to the cinema, watching the new X-Men: Apocalypse. Starting after the movie, the evening finally ended in long political-historal-multicultural debate explaining different national perspectives and reflecting the notions of many aspects from an American (Nicole), Canadian (Tess) and German (me) point of view. Over and over again, there were new topics and thesis to talk about. And even though I cannot remember all the details, I still know, that moments like this will stay and are one of the point why I love meeting new people and being abroad! 😀

Saturday, 21st May

To start fresh after a long night and not too much sleep, we fancied a nice breakfast at the English Market. Pancakes and berries for me, Salmon sandwiches for Tess and Nicole – definitely a good choice! :)

It’s only a few hours before our train leaves around noon, so we wander around the city centre a little more, find some sun and some nice little shops to stop by. Actually nothing much happens any more but enjoying the weather and being away from exams. A quiet journey back and more studying to follow.

Irish Summer in Malahide

Wednesday, 25th May 

Just a few days after coming back from Cork, everyone of us has finally finished all their exams – time to celebrate. Tess, Nicole, Johanna, Jenny, Mona, Corina and me are very lucky to have a sunny day in Malahide.

It’s another little town on the East Coast of Ireland, a little north of Dublin. The cute city centre, the castle and the beach – those are basically the main attractions of the town and it’s much about being outside, relaxing and getting away from everyday work. Exactly what we need after all the studying the past weeks. While most of us still have a few days left and another farewell party to go to, Mona is already leaving the next day – so it’s already a goodbye as well.

Nevertheless, we just spend the day in the sun enjoying the views and Irish summer. Those are the days that are just about friends and not about special places. Thanks for another great daytrip and see you all again for some new exciting travels somewhere else in the world :)

Next time, you’ll find here some final impressions of Maynooth and Dublin – special places and wonderful sunsets. – goodbye is coming closer…

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