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There are some people, I didn’t mention very often so far even though they were a huge part of my life in Ireland. They played an important role during my everyday life and we shared many situations, had great evenings partying, playing darts, with family dinners or just chatting outside the back – yes, I’m talking about my South African – Irish family: Renee, Tarryn, Kerry, Casey, Bradley and Hayden with the crazy dogs Mogoli and Lucky :)

Due to dear Bradley sharing a room with his nephew Hayden, I got the chance to move from Kilcock to Maynooth at the of October last year and found a new place to call home. This busy and sometimes chaotic house were my place to study and relax, to cook and sleep and just be with a family. Meanwhile I was integrated, so I have a family in Ireland now as well :) and besides getting to know Irish culture at so many places, I actually learned about some South African habits at your place as well..

I’m soo grateful for the chance to move in with you and to have met you. I’ve celebrated all your birthdays with you, was at several parties in the self-made bar, had some lovely family dinners with you and spent soo many nights with you sitting outside chatting about this and that. The bar has some German items now as well and even though I’m living in a student dorm, I think I will never live in a similar crazy house than that – and I miss it a lot!

Thanks again for the lovely family dinner before I left and the great last night that Tuesday about 3 weeks ago :) saying goodbye that Wednesday morning was a sad and tough thing to do and it still feels so unreal to only have happened a few weeks ago and actually realising that I won’t be back in the country now for quite a while…

Here’s to each and everyone of you, you made all the difference for me!! Thank you so much! I had such a great time with you all and I hope to see you all again soon, you’re always welcome here in Germany 😀

Lot of love, Anna xxx


All the ladies of the family and me. Tarryn, me, Kerry and Renee


Hayden and me


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