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June, 23rd – 29th: Canadian in Germany

Being back home for several weeks, my dear friend Tess came by during her Europe travels to visit me for a few days and bring back some “being abroad/travel” excitement. After her three weeks travel exploring Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria and much more, she flew into Frankfurt from Venice Thursday morning and we got almost a full week ahead of us looking around my home area.

Starting in Frankfurt – the weather is brilliant, both of us are in travel mood (since I didn’t know the city myself beforehand), just walking around the city as we always do when travelling. Between the skyscrapers – at least in Germany people think these are high buildings 😉 – of the business district and the town area, the river Main makes its way. The walk is very lovely, along parks and through some nice city areas. We enjoy some German food in Sachsenhausen and walk our way back to the city centre. The city is quite nice to walk around and not as big as I imagined. Nevertheless, the mixture of little town flair on the one hand and the international business atmosphere is somehow strange once in a while.

The Rhineland

The next few days just taking it easy, talking a lot about this and that – basically relaxing a little from all the speed travelling she did the weeks before. Having Tess around is like being on Erasmus again… not in Ireland but at least over here. Just amazing to have international friends around if you’ve been abroad – living a year away from home changes everybody -attitude, perspective, sometimes opinions, taste and much more- it has an impact on you and, no offence, but communication can be easier with the ones who made similar experiences 😉 so we’ve been doing a lot of catching up on various topics and besides we used the chance for another Cheese’n’Wine-Night via skype with our American friend Nicole. Might sound weird but it’s good craic :)

Other than, that Tess got to know Bonn and Cologne for sure. Both walking and cycling around the area, showing her places along the rhine, like the Rheinaue in Bonn, Rheinauhafen in Cologne, or taking picture of the Cologne Cathedral and the train bridge next to it during sunset. One night we’ve been to an orchestra concert, another evening we’ve met some friends to watch a Germany match of the Euros. For a great Sunday breakfast, our friend Corina, originally from Duisburg, joined us and we happened to visit a nice market in Bonn afterwards.


On Tuesday then, it’s another hot summer day, we get up early and take the train to Luxemburg City. The train ride goes through a very nice, rural area called Eifel. Small villages, long valleys, forests, some creeks and small rivers are passing our window. I’ve known that region before but only some parts and I actually enjoy the calming green landscape. Sometimes even reminds me of Ireland, even though, it’s way too different to be the same…

Around lunch time, we arrive in Luxembourg and start our city walk. According to our quick research online the day before, there are basically an old and a new city part, whereas the older one is supposed to be more interesting. We get ourselves a city map and start looking out for all the main spots. At our second site we find a signposted walking path all across the city to various places and buildings. It sounds really nice and we have enough time so we just start following the signs. Everything is well organised and we only have to search once a little longer to get back on the trail due to some roadworks. The combinations of the good weather and the nice trail offer some beautiful views.


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