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Juliane Sprick


About me

My name is Juliane. I am a history student and I am 21 years old. The next five months I am going to study abroad in Paris.
Visiting a handful of European countries in the last 20 years, I knew when we went on a short school trip to Paris that I had to come back one day to learn more about this city. Especially cities like Paris are very interesting for me. They have a long history and their people are a mix of very different countries and cultures. I like to learn about other cultures and about cities and countries and their origins. Travelling is a pretty good way to do so.
Born in Cologne I grew up in Neuss before I moved to Bonn to start college two years ago. Therefore the coming months are going to be the first time I am spending nearly a half year abroad. So I am quite excited for all the new experiences I will make, all the new people I will meet. And it will be exciting to live in France, as well.

What I do

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Student of History and Political Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
since October 2013

akut – Studierendenmagazin für die Universität Bonn
since May 2015