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Cornelius Lilie

Valle de Huata, Bolivia (August 2012)


About me

My love for travelling stems from many journeys my parents took my sister and me on starting at an early age – the first trip I can (remotely) remember was to Kopenhagen when I was only a couple of years old. Whenever it was possible during school breaks and over holidays, we’d visit other countries and my parents ensured that my sister and I grew up as interested in other countries, languages, and cultures as possible. During my childhood, we spent our vacations in a host of European countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Ireland. As a result, both of us were very accustomed to traveling and we both chose to spend time abroad during and after high school.

I spent my junior year (11th grade) in the United States of America, living with a host family in the town of Mercer Island (near Seattle) and visiting the local school. When I had returned and graduated high school in Germany, I spent several months living and working in Bolivia as a volunteer. Unfortunately, a very persistent illness forced me to cut short the stay that was supposed to last a year after only four months and return to Germany. Nonetheless, the time I spent in South America was a fantastic experience and there was never any doubt in my mind that I’d want to travel more and live abroad again! Therefore, when the opportunity to spend a semester in Spain with the ERASMUS program presented itself, I took it immediately. I am very much looking forward to my time in Valencia, making new experiences and further improving my knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.


What I do

Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn
Student of History and Political Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
since winter term 2013/14

Federal Agency of Civic Education
Student assistant in event management
since May 2014


What I did before

Los Masis, Bolivia
Volunteer in a music project helping urban kids
August to September 2012

Tauwetter drug rehabilitation clinic
Internship (working with patients, supervising work and sports therapy sessions)
June to December 2013