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Meet the Authors

Welcome aboard this Blogventure Adventure! In preparation for our journey, we would like to introduce you to our crew members. In case of emergency, these are the people to talk to.

Author Name Home University Abroad in Town / Country Home Town Blogventure

First Generation Blogventure Authors

Hirzmann, Alexander New Zealand Erpel Author
Lilie, Cornelius University of Bonn Valencia / Spain Bonn Administrator
Öhmann, Anna-Lena University of Bonn Maynooth / Ireland Hürth Author
Sprick, Juliane University of Bonn Paris / France Bonn Author
Wolf, Tobias University of Bonn Aberdeen / Scotland Bonn Administrator

Second Generation

Berthold, Adrian University of Bonn Prague / Czech Republic Bonn Author
Koch, Naomi University of Bonn Namibia Bonn Author
Nguyen, Viet University of Bonn Vietnam Bonn Author